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Typograf, journalist og chefredaktør (* 11.8.1957, † 18.8.2018) udgav i 2008 bogen ”11 september, 2001 - Stadig ingen svar?”. Alle folkevalgte blev foræret et eksemplar. 15.01.2011 udkom anden version af bogen, som fortsat kan downloades i PDF-version[4]. Tommy Hansen afholdte sit første danske foredrag, juli 2013, i Århus. Fra 2015 rundt om i Europa. 17. november udgav han CDén ”Out of direction” efter en opfordring fra Silke Volgmann og ”Minerva Music”.


Tracking the „Deep State“

Has the financial elite taken over control of the media, politicians and institutions in the Western world?

Tommy Hansen's last editorial - his farewell text:
Power to the paper 2.0 - another milestone

Editor's note: Dear readers, when Tommy Hansen wrote the following lines, he knew that this would probably be his last editorial for our magazine. In this text, and with typical modesty, he takes his farewell quietly – but not without giving us his vision.

9/11 - the final curtain:
The end of a 15 years embargo on truth - an iceberg melting

That the event that has formed the modern world more than anything else was an inside job is the only plausible conclusion when analyzing the official facts as well as experts and eyewitnesses from then up till now.

Tommy Hansen
Video: War or peace in Europe? Time to break the silence!

Tommy Hansen, founder and editor-in-chief of, connects the dots in world history since WW2, leading up to the current crisis with refugees, immigrants and looming wars. The lecture is addressing CIA, the Petrodollar and the existence of a 'Deep State' in the USA.

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