18 Jan 2015
Operation Charlie Hebdo
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A fully masked and special forces-equipped terrorist leaving his ID card in the abandoned getaway car after a highly organized ‘terror plot’. A policeman being executed with an AK47 at almost point blank range without any fragmentation of his head and skull, spilling of blood, damage to the pavement nor spent bullet casings. And now, on top of that, one of the alleged terrorists has now been connected to a notoriously CIA-controlled Yemeni citizen. Many anomalies surrounding the recent tragic events at the Charlie Hebdo offices in France have led to questions being increasingly raised following several media reports disclosing that both the Kouachi brothers accused of the slaughter in Paris had been on British and US intelligence services’ “terror watch” lists for years. And now, the revelation that one of the three dead apparent perpetrators had lived with the Nigerian man behind the failed al-Qaeda “underwear bomb” plot five years ago, known to be controlled by the CIA. US and Yemeni officials told The Associated Press news agency in May 2012 that the ”underwear bomber”, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, was in fact working undercover for Saudi intelligence and the CIA. Incarcerated at the United States Penitentiary, Florence ADX, Umar Farouk is currently serving a term of  life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, having been convicted of trying to bring down a Northwest Airlines flight over Detroit on Christmas in 2009. ‘A secret service operation’ French right-wing politician Jean-Marie Le Pen to the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaïa Pravda over the weekend: “The shooting at Charlie Hebdo resembles a secret service operation, but we have no proof of that. “I don’t think it was organized by the French authorities, but they permitted this crime to be committed.” French author and journalist Thierry Meyssan has criticized the U.S.’ “War on Terror” launched after the 9/11 events in New York in September 2001 by then-President George W. Bush, since the beginning, arguing the whole “terror” construct was contrived and a cover for CIA-, Israeli- and U.S.military and intelligence-led interests of power, wealth and U.S. global hegemony. He writes on the French website Voltairenet.org: “We should consider all assumptions and admit that, at this stage, its most likely purpose is to divide us; and its sponsors are most likely in Washington.” ‘What are the odds’ Commentator and columnist Kevin Barrett at the controversial Veterans Today says: “What are the odds that skilled terrorists who have just carried out an ultra-professional special-forces style attack will accidentally leave their ID card in the abandoned getaway car? “Answer: Effectively zero.” “The discovery of Kouachi’s ID does not implicate him; it exonerates him. It shows that he is an innocent patsy who is being framed by the real perpetrators of the attack,” he adds. Journalist and author Dr. Paul Craig Robert, associate editor at the Wall Street Journal and Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury under the Reagan Administration, comments: “The terrorist attacks, if that is what they are, are extremely convenient for Washington and Israel. “France had just voted with Palestine against the US/Israeli position. French President Hollande had just stated that the sanctions against Russia must end.” He went on: “Among Europeans sympathy was rising for the Palestinians, and support for Washington’s and Israel’s Middle East wars was declining. “Now France is back under Washington’s foreign policy umbrella, and European sympathy has shifted from the Palestinians to Israel.” ‘Fears must be addressed’ The fears that events like these are being orchestrated to demonize Muslims must be considered seriously and investigated, says Daniele Ganser, director of Swiss Institute for Peace and Energy Research (SIPER): Ganser says: “Researchers must try to find out whether also the recent terrorist attacks in Paris were a false flag operation carried out in order to discredit Muslims globally and justify the bombing of Muslim nations. “It is a procedure which has been going on for many years now and continues.” Today, it is widely known that during the Cold War, “false flag” attacks were carried out by criminals within the NATO network of stay-behind WWII forces established in every West European country, with the Italian branch operating under the codename Gladio. “So-called terrorist attacks were carried out in Italy and other countries and fake evidence was planted in order to discredit Communists,” says Ganser. The Gladio-network of “stay-behind” soldiers was officially dismantled in the early ‘90s after then-Italian President Julio Andreotti revealed its existence and linked it to real terror events. The role of the CIA in sponsoring Gladio and the extent of its activities are still subjects of ongoing debate and investigation. The fact is that since the official dismantling of Gladio, numerous “terrorist” incidents have had the markings of an intelligence operation, and yet questions are never asked by journalists working within the mainstream media and even legitimate concerns are labeled “conspiracy theories”. The Charlie Hebdo case At about 11:30 CET on Wednesday January 7, two masked gunmen forced their way into the offices of French satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France, killing 12 people, including the editor and seven other employees. Also two National Police officers were killed and 11 others wounded. The incident climaxed two days later with a second attack in a kosher grocery store in Paris. Four hostages and the three perpetrators were subsequently killed in shoot-outs with police and members of special forces. On the evening of the Charlie Hebdo attack, the – then-three - alleged perpetrators were identified by French authorities as Said Kouachi, 34, his brother Cherif Kouachi, 33, and 18-year-old Hamyd Mourad who turned out to be innocent and later released after turning himself in to police. Having been identified as a suspect, Mourad has walked into a French police station on Wednesday after several of his classmates had desperately twittered that he was attending school at the time of the shootings in a town 233 kilometers away from Paris and couldn’t have been the driver of the getaway car. He was later released without charge after spending 50 hours in police custody. On the afternoon of the following Friday, the two brothers were killed by anti-terror police as they tried to fight their way out of a nine-hour siege of a print business in a village north of Paris. Twelve minutes later, police stormed the Jewish grocery store in eastern Paris and killed Amedy Coulibaly, who was also suspected of the killing of a police officer on Thursday in the city of Montrouge during the manhunt for the Charlie Hebdo suspects. Four hostages inside the store also died. At a press conference on Friday evening, prosecutor François Molins revealed new details on both sieges, stating that suspect Coulibaly and his girlfriend Hayat Boumedienne had spoken “more than 500 times to the Kouachi brothers over the phone”, and that Coulibaly had “staked out the supermarket the a week before” - thus exposing that the three could have been under surveillance by the security and/or intelligence services beforehand. Shortly after it was revealed that the two brothers had been identified as a “potential terror threat” and placed on a watch and no-fly list by British authorities as far back as 2010. An hour after the attack on the Charlie Hebdo headquarters, French president Francois Hollande labeled the raid “terrorism” and France went onto the highest “terror alert” level, starting a two-day manhunt involving more than 80.000 police officers. Within an hour and a half, the #jesuischarlie hashtag started on Twitter, initiating a world-wide call to defend the freedom of speech and massive new political precautions against the “renewed terror threat” in Europe. During the siege of the print works on Friday, French channel BFM TV, a CNN affiliate, decided to phone the print business where one of the Kouachi brothers was holed up, with Cherif himself picking up the phone. Realizing he was talking to a journalist, he made the following statement: “We just want to say that we are the defenders of the prophet, and that I, Cherif Kouachi, was sent by al-Qaida in Yemen and that I went there and that it was Sheikh Anwar al-Awlaki who financed me.” He said his visit took place before Awlaki was killed. Shortly after, BFM TV received a phone call from Amedy Coulibaly, who said the two operations were synchronized and who claimed to be representing ISIL. He added that he had committed the acts to “defend oppressed Muslims in Palestine”, and that he had chosen the Kosher grocery store because he was “targeting Jews”. More than 48 hours after the attack on Friday, a member of al-Qaida’s branch in Yemen told the Associated Press that the group directed the attack on Charlie Hebdo “as revenge for the honor” of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad – a point already extensively and unanimously made in previous days by Western politicians. The Charlie Hebdo magazine was known for its controversial editorial line and had reprinted the Muhammad-drawings in 2012. The incident has now resulted in severe security measures being imposed around Europe, with 10,000 military troops being deployed throughout France, as well as additional 5,000 police officers. The “War on Terror” first launched in 2001 under the neo-Conservative administration in Washington and primarily headed by then vice president Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld, US-Deputy Secretary of state Paul Wolfowitz and then-President George W. Bush - and notoriously and enthusiastically backed by the UK’s then-Prime Minister Tony Blair - is now being fought on European soil. A day after the attack on Charlie Hebdo a video was posted online of the killing of the policeman. The video had captured the two gunmen, clad in special forces-like black and carrying Kalashnikovs, taking fire at a lone policeman in the street a few meters from the parked getaway car, right in the aftermath of the massacre at Charlie Hebdo. The graphic video shows the victim falling to the ground, then holding up his hands up to surrender before apparently being casually “executed with a point-blank shot to the head”, as reported in several mainstream media outlets. Several observers have pointed to the existence of what may be used as “place markers” in the video of two gunmen killing a police officer - two dark lines at a right angle on the road where the gunmen’s car is centered when the video begins, as well as a new-looking trainer positioned squarely in front of the car door from which the armed passenger exits. A break in the footage There seems to be a break in the footage which appears after the policeman is apparently shot in the head, which shows after it restarts the passenger-side gunman returning to the vehicle, which then appears to be sited slightly behind its original position - with a second dark line at right-angles to the road direction showing up more clearly by the offside front wheel. The gunman then takes the time to stop and pick up the shoe and either discards it or carries it with him back into the car. (it is not clear which from the footage). Middle East journalist and commentator Jonathan Cook comments: “The video clip does leave a sour taste: because unless someone has a good rebuttal, it does indeed seem impossible that an AK-47 bullet fired from close range would not have done something pretty dramatic to that policeman’s head.” “And if the video is real – and there doesn’t seem much doubt that it is – it clearly shows nothing significant happened to his head either as or after the bullet was fired, ” Cook wrote on his website on January 13. Likewise, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts argued on Press TV that U.S. agencies have planned “false flag operations” in Europe to create hatred against Muslims and bring European countries under Washington’s sphere of influence. “Whether or not it is a false flag operation, the shootings are clearly being used for a wider purpose or purposes, to create hatred against Muslims and support the ‘war on terror’, launced by then-U.S. President George W. Bush immediately after September 11,” Roberts states.
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I am well aware that I’m stepping into a hornet’s nest by posting this video, which is going viral. Those who wish to silence all debate have an easy card to play here, accusing me of buying into a conspiracy theory. - See more at: http://www.jonathan-coo
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Tommy Hansen

Typographer, journalist and editor-in-chief Tommy Hansen (* 11.8.1957, 18.8.2018) published the book "September 11, 2001 - Still no answers?". All elected representatives were given a copy.15.01.2011 the second version of the book was published, which can still be downloaded in PDF version [4] .Tommy Hansen held his first Danish talk, July 2013, in Aarhus. From 2015 all over Europe. On November 17, 2017, he released the CD "Out of direction" with his own music and lyrics. The CD is sold out.

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