the idea

drucker is a global outlet for journalistic material and qualified debate. All articles are mounted typographically on plain paper and are equipped with photos and sources lists. The PDF-documents from may be freely distributed in any way, physically as well as on the internet. is a network project incorporating the efforts of professionals from diverse areas of expertise.

Together, we are working to uncover and report the truths in an era of confusion and to create a high-value and independent media outlet outside of the agendas of the corporate mainstream.


the founder

bg7 was founded by Danish journalist Tommy Hansen, 57, in 2014.

A freelance investigative journalist since 1985, Tommy has specialized in investigating the 9/11 events in New York in 2001 and the subsequent wars as well as subjects including global politics and modern world history, the environment, the digital world and the internet.

Tommy has lived in Germany, Switzerland and Norway and, in the 1990’s, traveled the globe as a wine and travel researcher and journalist and spent a considerable amount of time in the Arabic or Islamic world including Tunisia, as well as Ukraine.

others about us


Internet sites such as are rising to take the place of the failed print and TV media.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Institute for Political Economy


Independent journalism is important in our time, where war and terror dominate the headlines. offers background information for independent minds who long for a more peaceful and sustainable world.

Dr. Daniele Ganser

Swiss Institute for Peace and Energy Research (SIPER)


Paul_Craig_Roberts is a welcome alternative form of media as the mainstream has totally failed. Alternative media is our only hope. In Denmark, journalist Tommy Hansen has become a beacon of hope and inspiration with his non-compromizing and authentic journalism. is an example of web-based news media which deserves the support of all humanists.

Niels Harrit Retired Associate Professor of Chemistry

University of Kopenhagen

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