Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity:
Memo for Angela Merkel

MEMORANDUM FOR: Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), SUBJECT: Ukraine and NATO Original Article published August 2014 as an open letter to Angela Merkel.

Noam Chomsky
Dark Clouds Loom

In October 2014, the Plymouth Institute for Peace Research ( asked Noam Chomsky to comment on some important world developments, including the threat of nuclear war, the recent escalation of violence in Gaza, and the growth of ISIS in Iraq.

The Carlyle Group
The Presidents' Company - Worlds Largest War Industry

The investment capital firm The Carlyle Group was founded by two young American businessmen in 1987. The Cold War was over and America’s war industry was completely on its knees. Investment capital industry peers shook their heads, but the Carlyle Group had a secret weapon.

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