To the death of Tommy Hansen:
19 Aug 2018
There is a beginning in every end
Unexpectedly and - for most of us - much too early, Tommy Hansen, the founder of, passed away on August 18, 2018, after a short but serious illness.
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He was and remains, our friend, colleague, role model and inspiration.

In his last days and weeks, Tommy was cared for by great friends. He was at peace and able to work without distraction. His only concern was to give all his strength to Free 21 and its people, and to ensure its structures were stable so it will continue to thrive and grow now, and into the future.

For now, we wish to leave things at that point. This should be a time for mourning and silent remembrance - the questions and answers will have to wait for now, but there are some things that we can say for certain.

Free21 will continue.

Tommy’s inspiration stays with us, and will lead us.

Lukas, Marika, Holger, Meinhard, Lya, Paul and many more.

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Free21 primarily publishes texts by freelance authors and journalists on, supplemented by pictures and a detailed list of sources, and makes them available in layout and printable PDF format. From a selection of these texts, a magazine in PDF format is produced every two months, which can also be freely divided or printed out.
With the help of volunteer layouters, researchers, transcriptors and translators, we work to find out the facts in times of confusion, report on them and make independent journalism available to a broad readership.

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